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5 Things which will be Different about Tourism after COVID-19

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We specialise in public relations, marketing and advertising for destination marketing, place making and resort, rental and hotel developments.

Our clients are asking us “What will the future look like?”

We predict travel and tourism will rebound strongly once the public believe the pandemic is under control. Here is why:

Families who cancelled, have credit for rebooking and have been 'sheltering at home' are longing to see the beach or the mountains again. We love vacations.

1. They will be more focused on domestic locations as the fear of 'overseas' will take longer to clear.

2.They will probably 'test the water' and take a few days mini break first before committing to a 7, 10 or 14 day vacation.

3. They may try out 'staycations' where they have the time off work but don't trust hotels and lodgings and instead have day trips to attractions.

4. Experiences will be the differentiator - something Airbnb has been driving hard for the last year/months anyway - and visitors will want to have events and activities planned early and have some degree of 'certainty of fun'

5. And finally Insurance - no-one will leave home without it. Firms that have clear and fair refund and cancellation policies will be seen more favourably by travellers. Get in touch Martin@98republicpr.comt

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