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5 Ways to Win With Real Estate PR

Running 98Republic, a Public Relations and Marketing Agency on 30A, is a dream come true.

Our clients, partners and consultants are all in the business of making their customers happy. Sometimes that happiness is for the duration of a dinner, a day at the beach or a night out. It could be for a cherished week in the sun or a weekend away with the girls or lads. But for an increasing number of people, it is fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a "piece of the beach."

Real Estate is big business along 30A in Northwest Florida where we live and operate. Prices per square foot just broke $1000 in the ultra-luxe Alys Beach and homes with even a fleeting glimpse of the white sand and turquiose waters comfortably command multi-million dollar price tags. A quick glance at Zillow this morning told me there were 1,153 properties for sale with the golden 32459 postcode.

As you'd imagine, its a high value game and hugely competitive. Yet too many agents and brokers seem to believe it will simply 'sell itself' - a multiple listing number and a sign in the yard is all it takes. Sellers get frustrated, buyers can't find the ideal home they are looking for.

As we prepare to launch a new 30A Real Estate PR offer, here are 5 ways we will help you win with Real Estate PR.

1. Who is your prospective buyer?

No campaign can ever be truly successful unless you know who you are communicating with and what their motivations are. While certain demographics appear to be true along the 30A and the Emerald Coast - there are niches and nuances aplenty. Appropriate research allows us to create tailored and bespoke programs to deploy the right plan, with the right messages to engage and attract the target audiences you want to reach, After all. Nashville moms, Dallas retirees or Atlanta millennials are all looking to be reached and engaged in their own particular place, style and way.

2. Why this property?

Each house is different, even those on some of the more modern developments springing up. But for your prospective buyer, the right property needs to be special. We can help agents demonstrate how their property meets a need their buyer is looking to satisfy. This could be price, location, size or design. When we understand why this property is 'the one' we can craft the right messages to connect these benefits, attractions and availability with your buyers through the channels they prefer and appreciate.

3. Is the Timing Right?

At the ultra-luxury, multi-million dollar end of the market, most sellers and buyers aren't under much pressure. They don't have to sell, nor do they have to buy, if the product, price or time isn't quite right. Knowing the prospective buyers key motivations lets us communicate with them in a timely fashion. They may be approaching retirement, down-sizing, wanting to house-hunt on their Spring Break trip, or simply feel its time to make the move. If they are interested in new build, coinciding our campaign with the opening of the show home, completion or the availability of off-plan discounts, may be timely opportunities. Every stage of the real estate process has a timeline which helps shape what needs to be done when.

4. Which Channel works best with which Content?

Every prospective buyer has their favorite way to be reached. A flyer, video, email, social media, glossy publication - each is an important tool when competing for attention with different audiences - the trick is to know which channel with which content. While the approach may differ, the message and the value it communicates shouldn't. The key messages and the differentiators which make this property 'the one' should sing loudly and strongly across all platforms and channels. We craft the messages, take the photos and shoot the videos to make your property stand out, and we do this with your buyers in mind.

. What's the Budget?

Sorry to be crude and talk about money, but this is a commercial reality. Without knowing how much the selling agent wants to invest, it is difficult to design the best program. A bit like buying a house, a one-bedroom condo isn't the same as a luxury mansion with waterviews. We know this is a business and we ask our clients to be realistic. If it’s only a small PR and Marketing budget, say so, then we will focus on the strategies which are most suited to selling the property and attracting the prospective buyer. We will work with you and your agents to give you the best ROI for your PR and Marketing spend - after all your happiness is our mission too.

Martin Liptrot runs 98Republic a PR and Marketing Agency located on 30A in South Walton. Contact to discuss how we can help you sell your properties along the beach and beyond.

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