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Images, Story, Social - A winning recipe

Living and working at the beach in Florida, we and our clients rely on a successful tourism economy. The decision to partially re-open the beaches, some accommodation and restaurants and stores has further divided an already polarized community. We worked with a client last week who wanted us to raise the visibility of his campaign to slow the process of re-opening.

Helped by a visual stunt, a solid news story and great use of social media we saw amazing local, national and international coverage.

To date, we have more than 10 Million video views of the story through twitter and other social channels, features on The Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live , write ups in USA TODAY, The Guardian Newspaper Huffington Post and BuzzFeed as well as spawning countless memes and gifs. While good fortune and a favorable wind always play their part in helping a story fly, much kudos must go to our @98RepublicPR team and Fletcher Isacks video and photography.

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